Taming the Birds and the Bees

A lot many of our battles are resolved over a cup of coffee with friends. So over one such steaming cup, a friend asked me for the hundredth time, ‘How do I go about it?’

‘Well, you just talk.’ Same answer. Hundredth time.

‘But, what do I say?’ 


If looks could kill, I would have been perforated by my friend’s laser vision. This conversation has been going on for the last three months. Her son’s hormones are yawning and waking up, and she has been reduced to a fidgety, nervous bundle, ever since. She knows that the much talked about ‘talk’ is required, but the birds and the bees do not come easy. They mostly tweet and buzz around her head at dizzying speeds making the words more jumbled. Truth is, words are difficult, but there are certain things that help tame the birds and the bees:

For the rest of it please go over to Mycity4kids.


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