Reading essentials : For nine year olds, by a nine year old

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It was 45 degrees outside today. A perfect day to not move any muscle, to drink something ice cold, park a dog in the lap, and read. So to make sure that everyone has a steady stream of fantastic books, I am going to round up some bookworms and get them to cough up the ‘Essentials list.’ I promise you that no torture tools would be used. Suitable bribes, however can be arranged. 

First up is a list of ‘you absolutely cannot skip reading these’ books by the youngest bookworm in the family, my niece Aarushi Dahiya. The reasons that she sights for liking the books are fairly precise and entirely reasonable. She is a few days short of being a freshly minted nine year old. And hence, her list includes essential reads for all middle readers of this world and beyond. 

1.Goth Girl and the Ghost of a Mouse

 I liked this book because it is a hilarious fantasy-fiction novel.

2. The Land of Stories-The Wishing Spell

I liked this series because it’s a real thriller. Sequels in reading order-The Land of Stories-The Enchantress Returns, and The Land of Stories-A Grimm Warning

3. The Secrets of Flamant Castle

I liked this book because it is an adventurous tale set in a medieval castle. 6 books in one!

4. David Walliams: Mr.Stink

I liked this book because it is HILARIOUS! Other books: Awful Auntie, Billionaire Boy, Demon Dentist, The Boy in The Dress,Ratburger,Gangsta Granny.

5. I’m 9 and I’ve farted 46,021 times!

I liked this book because you can just open it at any page and read an awesome fact about……you guessed it ! 9 year olds! Warning-Do not read this book from beginning to end! You will laugh so hard you will change the number of farts to 56,021!

6.Flora and Ulysses

I liked this book because it is hilarious.

7. The Worst Witch

I liked reading about Mildred Hubble.

8. Big Nate 

I love reading about Nate’s life.

9. A Series of Unfortunate Events 

I cried reading about the Baudelaire orphans! The series is amazing!

10. The Baker Street Boys 

A series of intriguing mysteries every nine year old MUST read!

The littlest bookworm’s choice has never failed me. So if you are nine or a parent of a nine-year old, try these out. Go burn a hole through your pocket. 

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