Reading Essentials: A nearly seven-year-old’s list for the young readers.


Tamara is not six years old. She is not seven either. She is more than halfway through, and has a fabulous list of books to share with us.

  1. Fantastic Mr. Fox by Roald Dahl – I like animals and I liked that Mr Fox was very clever and tricked the farmers.
  1. It’s Not Easy Being a Bunny by Marilyn Sadler – It was funny that PJ tried to be different types of animals.
  1. Mr Galliano’s Circus by Enid Blyton– I like this book because of the animals in it – and I like that they all lived in caravans and also because circus life seems fun.  
  1. Fancy Nancy – Fanciest Doll in the Universe by Jane O’Connor – I like dressing up my dolls and being fashionable. 
  1. The Book of Habitats by Tony Wolf – because it tells about animal habitats and I like animals.
  1. The Berenstain Bears and the Week at Grandma’s by Stan Berenstain – because I like bears and I like my grandparents and it reminds me of them. I liked that brother and sister did fishing and other fun activities with their grandparents, even without their parents.
  1. Noisy Spooky Book by Sam Taplin (Usborne) – because I like scary stuff and the book makes spooky noises. 
  1. It’s a George Thing by David Bedford – because I like to dance – I like the pictures and the dance moves they teach at the end of the book.
  1. Little Vinayak (Karadi Tales) by Shobha Viswanath- Its about a child elephant – and I also like the elephant kind of music in the audio.
  1. 5-Minute Jungle Tales for Bedtime by various authors – because I like wild animals!

Thank you, Tamara, for being a bookworm, and thank you Aarthi, for raising one!


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