Celebrating Grandparents Everyday

‘Look! It is Grandparents’ Day today!’ The younger one noticed a glossy sign in the mall, declaring discount for grandparents and then dived into excited, hushed discussion with the older one.

The evening was sorted. There would be glitter, glue, and scraps of paper all over the floor much to the house-help’s disapproval. And there would be phone calls. On our way back we saw pairs of beaming grand-folks stepping out of a playschool with a bouncing baby between them. On the other side of the road, I saw a lady gaze at them. I saw longing in those eyes. And my thought went back to the numerous people my age, drunk on youth, on ambition, on independence, on love for their children – the love that is fiercely limited to just them. Grandparents do not figure in the scheme of things for most. It might not be a conscious decision to shunt them out for most of us. But our lives usually push them to a lonely corner.

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