Reading Essentials : A five-year-old’s list for other early readers


Shashvath, all of 5 years and precisely three months, drafted the list thrice before coming to the final verdict. The books include some that he had already read about a 100 times and others that he found thanks to fellow raccoons. Our reporter, Ahila, has done a fabulous job in maintaining the ethics of the job and reporting the list just as it was handed over.

1. Miles and Miles of reptiles (by Tish Rabe Cat in the hat library series)

Ahila:  We have read this book more than 100 times.
Shashvath: Learning is good thats why I like this book. I love everything about the book.

2. Animals on board (mathstart by Stuart J. Murphy)

Ahila: A book on addition.
Shashvath: I Love to read this book all by myself because its so much fun.

3. Swan the Saviour (by Swami Mitrananda, Chinmaya Mission book)

Ahila: A lovely book on procarstination and its effect for kids.
Shashvath: I like to read and you to read and listen. I like sattva.

4. Arthur’s back to school Day ( Lillian Hoban)

Ahila:- a beginning reader book(thanks to Reading Raccoons got this book based on one member’s recommendation)

Shashvath:I love the new lunch box of arthur & violet.

5. Who will plant a tree (Jerry Palotta& Tom Leonard)

Ahila: beautiful book on concept of planting and who all helps in planting them.
Shashvath: I love to plant so I love this book.

6. Squiggle takes a walk (Natasha Sharma)

Ahila: Lovely book on punctuations easily explained.
Shashvath:Its so much fun. I know about exclamatory mark, question mark, full stop.

7. Owl Diaries (Rebecca Elliot)

Ahila: Nice beginner reader chapter book.
Shashvath: Its so funny because its all about owliverse.

8. Tryannosaurus Drip (Julia Donaldson)

Ahila: Its our family favorite!
Shashvath: T-rex is very scary drawing . I like to shout ” Up with hunting, Up with war…”

9. The Big Dipper ( Franklyn M. Branley)

Ahila: A beginners guide to star gazing.
Shashvath: I learnt to see the stars.

10. Who sank the boat? (by Pamela Allen)

Ahila: A fun science read.
Shashvath: I like to read it all by myself!.

Thank you Shashvath for a wonderful list, and Ahila, for adding the little notes about the books. Keep reading!

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