Dear Independent Bookshop, thank you!

Here’s wishing all our favourite bookstores a very happy Independent Bookstore day!

Random thoughts

The year: 1985

The place: Delhi.

The occasion: Nani gave pocket money to two children who were now itching to go the nearby market and splurge.

I remember the excitement. I remember the trip to the market. I remember us being in a hurry to get off the car, and I remember the towering bookshelves. I definitely remember the smell of books, the glossy, new one that the fat pocket money could buy, and I remember the bliss. The trips to bookstores were far and few mostly because we stayed far away, and splurging was not an option. But those few trips to those tiny bookstores tucked away in inconspicuous corners were etched in our hearts forever.

The year: 2015

The place: Leh

The occasion: Nothing. The younger one spotted a bookstore.

‘Can I go in, please?’

All I could do is smile.

We entered the tiny bookstore that…

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