Reading Essentials: A 5.5 year old’s list for other young readers

Neha submitted the following report on the super reader, Aashna. Read on! 

Here goes Aashna’s (5.5 years) top ten ( as of today – it changes every day) .. was very tough as she kept going back to the 102 books that she read in summer and many that she has read after summer 😊

1) Usborne illustrated stories for children: this has short stories which are very nice about fairies and pirates. My favorite from this book is ‘Sir Gawd and the green knight’

2) A to Z mysteries series – I like mystery books

3) Jerry and maya detective agency– it’s again mystery but in this it’s difficult to guess till the end. They think properly about everything.
4) Six O’clock tales– short interesting stories about imaginative people. I like how Enid blyton thinks up all these different magical people. 
5) Nate the great series :he helps people finding things.
6) Magic faraway tree. I like saucepan man and silky and moonface. 
7) Charlie and chocolate factory- I love Roald dahl. Again he is using his imagination and I like how Charlie wins in the end and all the bad kids get punished. 
8 . Amelia Bedelia books- because she is so silly and keeps getting things mixed up
9) 20th century children books treasury– it has stories for my brother and me. 
10) Jataka tales – it teaches me good things like don’t steal, about friendship and thinking wise.

Thanks for the list Aashna! Keep reading and sharing lists with us!

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