Reading Essentials : a seven-month-old’s list for tiny bookworms

When I saw this list in mail, I rechecked the age mentioned! At seven months, Sahana is very well read and the credit goes to the adults around her – her mum who has taken the pains to share this list with us, her father who insists on carry a book whenever they step out and most importantly to her grandfather who reads the newspaper to her everyday! Thank you Sudha for raising a wonderful bookworm and sending us the following write up. And thank you Sahana for sharing your loved books with us!

Sudha started reading to Sahana when she was almost a month old. At that time, she would simply stare at the pages. A month later, she started smiling the moment she opened a book. At almost eight months, reading now means lots of giggles, rolling around, flapping about her legs in utter enjoyment. Here’s a list of some books that Sahana thoroughly enjoys ‘reading,’ as reported by Sudha:

  1.    The Gruffalo Sound book by Julia Donaldson

When my daughter hears the mouse’s footsteps through the deep dark wood, she squeals with joy. The colorful illustration is wonderful and the lovely rhythmic lyrics makes this book a fun read. Add a touch of animated reading and this book would keep your infant captivated.

  1. Going to bed book by Sandra Boynton

When I purchased this book, I wasn’t sure if my daughter will like it. The colors are subtle unlike her other books and I thought she may not find it appealing. To my surprise, she loves it. While reading the lines “With soap all over, SCRUB-SCRUB-SCRUB!!!””, I gently tickle her and she chuckles aloud. It is fun to watch babies enjoy books!

  1. The very hungry caterpillar by Eric Carle

I am yet to meet a child who does not love this book. It was very nice to see Sahana relate the fruits she ate and the pictures in the book. It’s an amusing book with bright colors and the holes in the books add to the fun.

  1. How to catch a star by Oliver Jeffers

This book is a favorite not just with Sahana but with her dad too! He makes sure we carry this one whenever we take the baby out. The illustration, the story line – everything about this book is great. It is a wonderful book to excite the child’s curiosity and imagination.

  1. Dr. Seuss’s Circus McGurkus 1,2,3! Cloth Book

When my baby learnt that paper can be torn, I purchased this book for her. The book has a rattle to shake and section to practice separating and reconnecting. It really holds her attention. This isn’t Dr.Suess’s best, but it is very good for a 6 month old.

  1. Thea’s tree by Judith Clay

I bought this book on recommendation from a very famous website and I am glad I made the choice. The illustrations are beautiful and the storyline is great. Though my daughter is too young to understand the story, she loves the way Thea twirls with the leaf. I hope that this story stays with my baby as she grows up.

  1. Bedtime rhymes – Sound book

This was the first sound book that we bought and we love it. It has four sounds for four famous rhymes – Rock a bye baby, Sleep baby sleep, Twinkle Twinkle and Brahms Lullaby. We have invented our own lyrics for each of these sounds and my baby loves all of them.

  1. Little stories for fun time – lady bird series

The book begins with a story of a Little Tiger who rescues two tiger cubs. It is a very cute story and as with many good books the illustration is wonderful. This was among my baby’s first books. She loves to hear me say “I’m tall and I am tough, I’m growly and gruff…”. When she was 6 months old, I bought her a cake with a little tiger motif on it.

  1. Young Reader’s Series: Book of Nonsense by Edward Lear

This was a great book to introduce poetry to my daughter. She is too young to understand the words or the verbal limericks yet, but when I read to her excitedly she loves this book.

  1. The Hindu newspaper

This newspaper is what her grandfather reads to her every morning. It’s quite a task to save the paper from being eaten though. She almost jumps from her Thaatha’s lap to catch the pages and tear it into pieces. It’s been almost 5 months since we have been able to read an un-crumpled newspapers thanks to my daughter.